Category: Animation Strategies

Animated Short

Theme: Bravery Given Time: roughly between 20 & 40 seconds Blogs of group members:   This time I started my researchContinue reading


Criteria: Rig a biped character, including face setup. Record a screen capture demonstrating your rig. Consider the following: IK/FK arm switch Stretchy ik limbs Squash and stretchContinue reading

Let’s walk!

or, “The Ministry of Silly Walks”   We went while class through an explanation how a walk cycle should/could be setup in Maya. This linkContinue reading

3D Scene – Part 1

Create a 3D interior/exterior scene that conveys a narrative This is a team based project and the group I joined decided to create a trainContinue reading

The Power of Posing

The semester starts with the module Animation Strategies which includes a brief introduction about the coming weeks and given projects. The coming projects are basicallyContinue reading