Category: Creative Elements

Introduction to Maya

Bouncing Ball The last couple of weeks we got introduced to the program Maya. The introduction included same basic elements to get familiar with theContinue reading

Week 6

Animatic This week I had to say goodbye to the world and had to group up with other people in a new world. The newContinue reading

Week 4+5

Coloring The last two weeks I did not change group and we got the task to transfer the world in color. The group still could notContinue reading

Week 3

Tonality The world remain for me the same because I did not change group, instead I got new group member. Since I did not changeContinue reading

Week 2

Create a character The next step in a different world, means changing the members of each group. I found myself in a group where noContinue reading

Week 1

Build a World The first week’s journey was to create a world. It starts with creating groups of 4 members each. The main trip forContinue reading